Calling all Opera Students!!!

Good Morning! Are you signed up for Opera? Or do you want to participate in the Opera course this year at camp?  Download the scores and rehearsal tracks here:

LMW Ladies Chorus reh. mp3’s

LMW Men’s Chorus reh. mp3’s

LMW Piano accomp mp3’s

LMW Zeta reh mp3’s

LMW Val reh mp3’s

LMW St. Brioche reh mp3’s

LMW Danilo reh mp3’s

LMW Cascada reh. mp3’sLMW Camille reh mp3’s


Also remember the first read-through/practice will happen this thursday June 25th, at 112 Pelican Dr. Rupert, ID 83350 at 5pm!  Come ready to have fun!

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