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What is Rise Up & Sing?

  • A week long summer camp geared toward children, teens, and adults who love the performing arts.
  • A place, close to home, where students gain access to accomplished, educated, seasoned teachers from all over the country.
  • A place where incredible teachers gather for a week to help grow a new generation of performers.
  • A place where performers of all ages learn self-confidence, improve skills and techniques, develop new talents, and explore new areas of music and performance.


What do we focus on at Rise Up & Sing?

  • We love all types of music!
  • We focus on the fundamentals of great singing, how to polish and perform a piece of music, and how to perform both as a soloist, and as part of an ensemble.
  • We sing a lot of musical theater and classical music, but have many students who like to sing pop and country as well.
  • We focus on building a well rounded performer, so we teach music theory, dancing and singing, individual vocal instruction, opera, composition, choir, choreography, acting, jazz, etc.
  • We try to provide instruction in every skill a person would need to be a successful stage performer. It’s an all-inclusive camp!!


Who comes to camp?

  • Campers range in age from 4-adult. All are welcome!!
  • Campers come from our area, but from many other areas as well (other Idaho cities, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, California, etc.)
  • Incredible, world-class performers and teachers from around the country join our faculty each year.


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