Douglas Fisher

  • Douglas Fisher

Douglas “Dusty” Fisher

Dusty is the current Director of Choirs at Burley High and Junior High, and in the picture, he’s the furry one in the middle. He comes to Rupert to “Rise Up and Sing” with a little more responsibility this year. Serving as one of the theory teachers over the past couple of years has been a blast. Now helping with the opera department, his opera credentials include starring roles in his undergraduate “Opera Scenes” as Papageno, the Priest from “Albert Herring”, as well as graduate opera where he served as the chorus manager for Eastman School of Music’s rendition of Mozart’s “Cost fan tutte” under the late Richard Pearlman, as well as being the assistant director to Mr. Pearlman for Menotti’s “The Medium”. He has performed, conducted choirs and taught all over the world, including but not limited to Athens, Greece, The Hague, Netherlands, Salzburg, Austria. He also likes to travel and most recently took almost 70 people for a performance tour of Rome, Italy. He is planning another trip, but just a tour, to Machu Piccu, so hit him up if you’d like to join him on his bucket list of “Dusty was seen in _______.” He does travel a lot locally as a guest clinician at our area schools.

Despite all of the goofiness that embodies his style, Dusty is a serious musician, having received a Masters of Music from the Eastman School of Music under Donald Neuen and has conducting experience working with Dr. Andre Thomas, Dr. Rodney Eichenberger and Dr. Eph Ehly. You can find him in the King Fine Arts Center doing all things managerial, as well as having conducted the Magic Philharmonic Orchestra as well as pit orchestras for Les Miserable and Scrooge! An avid lover of the arts you can find him building sets for the Mount Harrison Heritage Foundation (Les Miserable, Into the Woods and Oklahoma!) as well as serving our community trying to raise the bar on a wonderfully active and prolific arts scene that probably doesn’t need as much help as he is willing to offer. Dusty has found his niche in the Mini-Cassia area and is blessed beyond compare to be here. In his spare time he likes to breathe. It’s a nasty habit, but well, necessary.