We think our camp is pretty great, but don’t take our word for it!

See below what some of our past campers have to say about Rise Up and Sing.

Awesome Testimonials


The Boys


Janelle Page

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Words cannot express how much I absolutely LOVE Rise Up and Sing! Everything about the camp is phenomenal in general! It's amazing to see the things people are capable of doing with one week of rehearsals! I highly recommend giving Rise Up and Sing a try! I hope to see you there and become your friend!

Brenda Ramirez

Singing camp is a great confidence booster! My kids are learning life-long skills, developing useful talents, and loving every minute of it!

Kyla (Mom)

If I could only do one class it would be the master class. My master class was awesome because they really helped me learn how to sing with passion and got me out of my shell. I was more shy before singing camp, and it helped me unlock my feelings through music.

Marissa (Age 12)

My favorite part was performing a funny singing skit with my sister at the talent show!

Chandler (Age 10)

My favorite part about singing camp was my class. We played games, had snacks, and I made all kinds of new friends there.

Clarke (age 5)

A couple of our favorite boys sharing their feelings about Rise up and Sing!  View it!

Shiloh and Ryland

Rose explains what she likes about the camp and how it impacts her learning.  View it!

Rose Churba

This video features a family from Montana that travels all the way to Idaho for music camp each year and why they do so! View It!

Brittany Crafton

Music camp week is the best week of the year!

Morgan (Age 13)

My favorite part about music camp is all the fun teachers!

Jordyn (Age 11)

Camp was a phenomenal learning experience. I felt like I grew as a performer as much during that week as I did the whole rest of the year! Couldn't say enough good about it.  View Kyrstin's performance of "Don't Rain on My Parade"

Kyrstin Tindall

I absolutely LOVE music camp! I love meeting new people. I love working with the teachers. They make me feel like all of my dreams can come true through music. Through my talents. I can be myself at music camp. I feel like no one judges me. I feel like the teachers and staff actually care about me. And that they want what's best for me. They make me want to be better. I encourage every one that has a chance to go! It's an amazing experience!

Shaelynne Mencel

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